Weekly Coffee Break: 3.25.15

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Looking for a little mid-week motivation? I'm excited to bring back a weekly round-up of favorite links: The Weekly Coffee Break. Here are a few posts and articles to read over your coffee this morning:

The five weekend habits of entrepreneurs that we should all develop from Entrepreneur.

I loved the Daily Muse's complete guide to pitching your next guest post (and getting a yes!).

Great reading list from College Fashion - and they aren't just for college gals.

Looking for a quick DIY project? These earrings from Pearl & Scissors are really adorable.

I loved PR Blonde's take on getting organized at work and in life.

From Marc and Angel Hack Life, try these nine ways to beat stress when life gets crazy busy.

10 Things I Want For My Home Office

Monday, March 23, 2015

Home Office Checklist
1. Chair, Target / 2. Desk, IKEA / 3. Print, Etsy / 4. Lamp, Target / 5. Mug, Pier 1 / 6. Flowers, Pier 1 / 7. Desk Organizer, Urban Girl / 8. Mouse Pad, Etsy / 9. Bulletin Board, Amazon / 10. Calendar, Sugar Paper

Outfitting a home office has been on my list for a while now. A fresh, chic workspace in the corner of my apartment? Yes, please. I'm the sort of gal who works best in a clean, cozy space. Pinterest sparked my creativity months ago, and since then, I've been building a wishlist. I've always considered my "home office" to be a big deal, just because so much happens at my desk - writing, blogging, dreaming planning for the future.

Even though I can't dedicate a paycheck to it just yet, here are a few quick picks that I have my eye on right now. What does your perfect at-home workspace look like? What's on your wishlist? Tell me about it below!

Goals: Spring Update

Friday, March 20, 2015


When life gets busy with work, family, friends or whatever, it can be hard to balance your own agenda. That's the exact reason that setting goals and making time for the projects I love have been important for me post-graduation. It all started with a list of 23 goals I made on my birthday. Then I picked seven things from that list I really wanted to achieve in 2015.

As it turns out, I somehow managed to cross off almost every single other item on my original list. Some of the goals were awful small, but crossing them off feels good. It also gives me the rest of the year to work towards the more important things - and of course, blog about it. Why not dedicate an occasional blog post to the effort? In attempt to keep track, here's a quick look at progress in the last three months:

+ Create better blogging habits. Progress. This is definitely a habit in the making. Life has been awful busy lately, but I'm still determined to keep Coffee and Cardigans stocked with at least two new posts each week.

+ Take at least 10,000 steps a day. Progress. My Fitbit is charged back up and I'm on the road again. I also started an eight-week training program this week, which will set me up to run my first 5K by summer. 

+ Write a book and self-publish it. On hold. There's an idea brewing... A few, in fact.

+ Set up a home office. On hold. My Pinterest board is teeming with inspiration. Now I just need the budget to go with it. But I am excited to share a series of upcoming DIY projects to get myself started.

+ Start my own business. Almost done. This particular goal has been the big focus lately, meaning lots of late nights with WordPress. I'm excited to share more details in April - stay tuned.

+ Find time to write every day. Progress. While it's more about creating a habit than accomplishing a goal, this has also been a big focus. Writing is a necessity for me and I need to make more time for it. Period.