Holiday Gifts From Candi With Leah

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ready to talk holiday gift ideas? I haven't started my holiday shopping yet, but my wonderful blogging friend Leah is making it darn easy this year - for all of us! You might have seen it social media, but I'm really excited to be teaming up Leah this month to host a pop-up shop with her Chloe + Isabel boutique. The jewelry is stunning and very affordable, no matter what sort of budget you're working with.

Of course, you can shop the entire collection online, but I wanted to share some of the pieces I'm currently loving:


Cocktail Ring | Plum Necklace | Chunky Necklace | Stud Earrings | Toggle Bracelet

A big thank you to Leah for letting me take over her boutique this month! Do you have a favorite item? Share a link in the comments!

How To Find Blog Post Inspiration

Monday, November 10, 2014

Life as a blogger is fun. But the process of actually blogging? It can be a hassle sometimes - especially when you don't have anything to blog about. Not every single post is going to pop into your head as a fully formed idea that pours out of you as perfect content - trust me. While inspiration does often strike, it can sometimes take a little work to find your next blog post. Here are my favorite places to find content ideas:

Social media

For many of us, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest are regular stops in our daily routines. Your favorite social media platform is also packed full of content ideas. What's the current trending topic? What are your favorite influencers talking about?

Your favorite blogs

As a blogger, you should also be reading other blogs. Scroll through your favorite RSS reader and look at what sort of posts other bloggers are publishing right now. Add ideas that caught your eye to your list for later

Today's headlines

The daily newspaper or your favorite news site can provide some great topics. Write a response to a recent news story. Relate a trending topic to your blog's topic. Are you a fitness blogger? Tackle the popular topic of new wearable technology in your weight loss goals.

Your current goals

Is there a goal you're currently working towards? Blog about it! Whether it's your current writing project, saving for a new car, or traveling to Europe, the goals that inspire you can also inspire your readers. Talk about your process, offer advice or describe a challenge you've faced in the process.

The book you're reading

Use your current reading list to create blog content! Reviews can be a great way to share your favorite books and authors with readers. Publish a round-up of favorite quotes or the three biggest things you took away from the book. Or talk about what you didn't like - honesty never hurts either.

A recent class, workshop or webinar

Whether it's a formal class or online workshop, your learning process can foster powerful blog content. Write about the experience! Outline your favorite lessons learned or share resources for readers who might be interested in the topic themselves.

Recent conversations

Did a recent conversation leave you feeling inspired? Think back to the topic and pinpoint what exactly got you motivated. Chances are you just found a new blog post as well.

Your local neighborhood

Do you have a favorite restaurant, cafe or shop in your neighborhood? Share a review. When I found a new hair salon in Portland, it also turned out to be a fun blog post. Share some photos, an outline of what the place offers and what you loved so much about it. It's so a great nod to the establishment (and a potential sponsor)!

Hobbies or skills

Whether you'll admit or not, you have a talent. And it's a talent that you can teach and share with others. Create a tutorial for a recent DIY project or a walk-through of your trademark recipe.

A personal struggle or challenge

As a blogger, it's okay to get personal. Open up about a particular challenge you're facing - but at your own comfort level, obviously. I've talked about post-grad weight gain, and it was amazing to hear about others dealing with it too. Your honesty can inspire your readers, but their responses can also motivate you.

Where do you find your best blog or story ideas? Share your own list in a comment below!

Life Lately: November Already?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Over a month since the last installment of Life Lately? We have a lot to catch up on. But I promise to make it as painless as possible. The past five weeks have flown - from a trip to San Fransisco to long hours at work. I had the best time in California to visit my company's home office, and spending a long weekend with one of my best friends from college. But as always, the trip went way too fast.

But while schedule has been busy, it does offer up some down time. My brain, however? It hasn't shut off. It's taken me through every possible emotion since graduation back in June. I have to thank Sophia Amoruso and #GIRLBOSS for stopping my roller coaster ride. If you missed my recent recap, click here. She screws with your mind... in the best way possible. The result? A lot of creative planning for 2015 - and the future in general.

Of course, there's no client project or creative endeavor that could keep me away from the fall season happening right now. I can't say it enough. This is my favorite time of the year. Rainy weather, cozy cafes and too many cups of coffee... It's how I could spend every single day of this season. November will be a good one.

What're you looking forward to most about November? Tell me about it in a comment!